Eco Transformation

Greener Supply Chain

The ECO Show is the only UK event that looks to connect the ever-growing circle of local area authority contacts interested in combating climate change by introducing them to environmentally friendly providers.

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and restrictions this event is on hold. More details to come shortly.

The UK Government was recently the first Government in the world to declare a Climate Emergency and have been quickly followed by many others, in highlighting the crisis that we now all face. 

This declaration will, without any doubt, mean massive changes to the way in which all organisations do business.  Over the coming months and years we expect legislation to be implemented, which will mean that all UK companies and government offices will need to prove the environmental impact of their supply chain.

The ECO Show has been created to offer a platform for education, research and transformation that will help organisations to:

Make a difference


Create new revenue streams

Save money

Create impressive PR and Marketing

Align brand with Social Responsibility

The ECO Show will concentrate on encouraging Green Supply Chain thinking for organisations, whilst also delivering high-level content from organisations and individuals who are involved in the cutting edge of conservation and the future of technology.

Counsellors and sustainability experts as well as businesses will attend this unique exhibition.

The ECO Show is the must-attend showcase for all government departments (councils, local area authorities, tax payer services) seeking the biggest benefits from a cleaner and greener supply chain.

The show will provide a unique and inspiring opportunity to engage on a wide range of subject areas that are being prioritised on a local and national level.

The ECO Show is the only event that connects environmentally friendly suppliers and providers with thousands of small to medium sized organisations and the public sector in an effort to facilitate real change for the future of our environment.

Interested in exhibiting?