How green is the supply chain that your company and all of its customers rely on?

The UK Government’s recent declaration of a Climate Emergency, coupled with growing trends and activism around the use of fossil fuels, will mean significant changes to way in which organisations work. 

The ECO Show will provide a supportive and helpful space for SMEs, Councils and Charities to meet, network and share experiences and best practice.  

  • Discuss and debate ambition
  • Learn practical measures, trends and solutions around green issues
  • Public sector can seek advice and services that will play a huge role in shaping the future
  • Top speakers and conservationists meet and disseminate new thinking and research
  • Learn that changes to supply chain can create huge steps towards economic prosperity, inward investment and better connectivity
  • Reduce harmful practices
  • Transform your company

More than a third of all carbon emissions ever produced, in the entire history of humanity, have been produced in the last 16 years.

One real and very tangible way that SMEs and public sector can make a difference is through the choices they make about supply chain!

The ECO Show is a unique annual exhibition, conference and networking event for professionals and experts working for any SME or public sector body, who are concerned with helping to create a cleaner future.

The ECO Show will provide a roadmap to smarter, cleaner, safer and more sustainable supply chains across all sectors and industries. The event will look to cover innovation and transformation across all areas of business and has at its core the intention of supporting cleaner and safer environmental options for all types of organisations.